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What do we use agricultural land for?
The land that is used for agricultural purposes mainly production of livestock and crops. In other words, that is where food will be made. This is also where animals will be bred. Fruits and vegetables will also be planted here. Farmers will work here to grow plants so that vegetables can be eaten. Yes, all types of vegetables can be grown in those lands. Of course, farmers need to watch the weather conditions to see if they need to do anything regarding how the plants are growing. Besides, plants need to be watered daily and animals need to be fed the proper food. An agricultural farmer can choose to do one thing as it would be hard to grow a number of things in one farm. For example, if you try and grow different plants, those things would need to be taken care of differently. You will certainly get exhausted as you don’t know which one you would need to prioritize.

How much land does Australia use for agriculture?
There are more than 135,000 farms in Australia and they own 61% of the overall landmass. That is a huge total which means a lot of land is devoted for the production of food in the country. It won’t be a surprise when that figure rises a little and some houses could even have their own agricultural land so they can save money for food. That is actually a great idea as long as they know how to do it. If they don’t know how to graze plants and animals, then that will be a waste of money. In fact, there are some forests that are burned down so they can be used for agricultural purposes too. It is bad enough that plants are destroyed but at least they are used for good purposes like growing food.

What is the economic value of agricultural land?
It was recently revealed to be 35.871,750 and that is pretty high. The value only figures to increase in the coming years. As the population grows, more and more people will need to be fed. Therefore, you can expect there to be more agricultural land. Besides, the land in the provinces are not considered to be expensive so it would be alright to dedicate a lot of it for agricultural purposes. A parcel of land does not get a high economic value if it does not deserve it.

How much money does Australia make from agriculture?
Believe it or not, P155 billion is earned from agricultural businesses in the country. There is a reason why there are a lot of farmers that practice animal cruelty. Since they grew up in the countryside, they are used to getting dairy products by separating calves from their mothers. It is not something that vegans would promote but they need to do it for income. The only problem is that the number of vegans also continue to rise and these people don’t like eating animals and dairy products. It just means more animals need to be planted for them. It would be good news for those who have mushroom farms as those are often the plants used as meat substitute.

How important is agricultural land?
It is important because it is where food are made. Without agricultural land in Western Australia, Australians would not have anything to eat. Yes, everything from plants to animals are made there as it is impossible to breed those things in another type of land. There is a reason why a huge portion of each country is dedicated to agricultural land. Agriculture farmers earn a lot of money too and they work hard each day to earn what they earn. Without agricultural land, there won’t be a place to make food. As much as some people would hate to accept it, animals are bred to be eaten. It is just the way of life and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Most people grew up with their parents already teaching them how to breed animals and grow plants. It is not exactly what they want to do but they were raised doing it so they don’t know anything else.

Agriculture in Australia

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