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The effects of land

Definition of land pollution

Land pollution can be termed as the act of disposing liquid and reliable waste products on the earth’s surface or in the soil in a manner that the ground or underground water is contaminated.

Effects of land pollution on human health

Land pollution brings many adverse effects, both long term and short term to the human body. The pollution is mainly caused by either human activities, chemicals, or even waste products.

Human beings are affected by land pollution in various ways. According to Physio Footscray, some of the hazards include lung cancer, respiratory diseases, brain problems, and even heart failure. The plants take in the nutrients from the contaminated soil, and later human beings eat the fruits from the plants. Since the land is contaminated, the effect will be contamination of human beings’ health.

When metals like cadmium arsenic and lead dissolve in groundwater, they poison the water. This poison has effects on the unborn baby, such as the formation of incomplete body parts of an infant, problems of the nervous system, and even reproductive track. Fuel rods on the soil to cause skin cancer to human beings.

How place affects health

Different areas affect our health in various ways. The effects are caused by the difference in physical changes such as temperatures, altitude, and even pollutants. In the social bracket, there is a social network and access to health facilities like clean water and hospitals. The economic conditions, on the other hand, include the diet that one takes.

People who live near roads and frequently traveled places possess a higher risk of contracting arteries and diabetes. Vaccination against some diseases is carried out from time to time. People living in marginal areas where they can’t access social services like immunization have poor health. Most of them die from diseases like malaria, measles, and even whooping cough.

Furthermore, whereas in towns, there is access to clean water and sanitation like sanitary parts, some places lack these basic needs. Drinking unclean water causes cholera and other water-borne diseases to complicate one’s health.

The effects of land

The land is an essential aspect of both human, animal, and plant life. However, land cultivation has different positive and negative impacts on the ecosystem. Human beings practice agriculture that sometimes pollutes land and water bodies like rivers.

Land degradation is also an effect of land caused by soil erosion, deforestation, inferior farming methods, among others. The results of land so many and they have brought significant challenges such as global warming and even starvation of the world’s population. Many people have died of hunger as a result of this land degradation.

Another effect of land is that it causes conflict among the people. As the population grows, the demand for land increases, which leads to people fighting to possess the property and even engage in farming. The problems encountered have often caused death due to clashes.

Three main factors that affect health

From the main factors affecting our health, the three main ones are social factors, biological factors, and health factors. Social factors are the way people live and conduct themselves from day to day life. Education, crime rates, transport, and technology are some of these social factors.

Health factors positively or negatively impact an individual, depending on whether they are in plenty or limited. Factors that hinder individuals from accessing excellent health services are high charges, language barriers, and lack of medical cover.

The biological factors affect people, and they vary from age to inborn. For instance, older people are prone to diseases than young ones. Genetically diseases like anemic and sickle cell affect people in various ways. Some of the genetic and biological factors affecting our health are family history, inherited diseases, and even HIV/AIDS

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